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Public Safety Facility

When the Eagle River Fire Protection District decided to partner with the Town of Avon to create a combination fire station and a police station, a challenging project began. Davis Partnership and design partner RRM Design were selected to design the 24,000 sf facility on a tight, triangular site just north of the I-70 highway in Avon, Colorado. The two entities and the Town of Avon City Council were very involved from the onset of the project, requiring the design team to balance the diverse needs of all stakeholders throughout the design process.

Both groups desired an enduring building with a more strategic location near I-70 to reduce emergency response times. After a land swap with an adjoining site was completed, the assembled property was better able to meet the needs of the project. Still, most of the triangular site was located in a floodplain, on the side of a mountain with a live stream and an irrigation ditch flanking two sides. The soil conditions were also a serious concern, requiring careful consideration throughout the design and construction process. As the planning and design progressed, the project evolved to accommodate the budget and programmatic needs of its stakeholders. Evans Chaffee was the general contractor, leading the cost estimating and marshaling the construction effort from the outset to completion.

The fire station has a larger program than the police and includes a 3-bay drive-through apparatus bay, bunk rooms, living spaces, offices, a 4-story training tower, and a state of the art fitness room. Heavy duty finishes were included throughout the interior architecture as durability is a must for firefighters. The site itself mandated a smaller building footprint, so the firefighter living quarters were elevated above the apparatus bay, essentially on a 3rd level. Therefore, a gleaming red slide in combination with a classic fire pole became a necessity to reduce firefighter response time to their gear and machinery. The building, given its location in a heavy snow mountain environment, required extensive snowmelt on both aprons and the apparatus bay. Enhanced insulation wraps the walls and roof, maximizing efficiency and comfort, and on the roof, solar panels offer 63.6kW of power offsetting the cost of power to the station.

The police station includes holding cells, a sally port, booking areas, extensive storage, high-tech evidence processing, and office space. Careful planning and programming of the police station allow future expansion and growth to be accommodated, as the Town of Avon expects to double in size over the next 50-years. A centrally located training room, used by both groups, enhances views and access to daylight for all who live and work in the building.

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Project Details

Public Safety Facility

Project Size: 24,000
Project Completion Date: 2017
Project Type: Municipality/Public Works
Architect: Davis Partnership Architects

General Contractor: Evans Chaffee Construction Group