For more than 60 years, no one has more experience providing the highest quality metal structures for today’s farmer than Metal Sales. Whether you are looking for the basics like roof and wall panels, flashings, and accessories or needing a specialized application like insulated walls or a standing seam metal roof where you can mount solar panels, our field experts work with you to determine the best solution. One that will deliver superior value and performance for generations to come.


Working in the agricultural industry is no small feat – in fact, studies suggest that today’s farmer works harder than our caveman ancestors! You need structures that will work with you to boost productivity while keeping your inventory safe.

Metal Sales offers a wide range of products that will benefit your farm. We can outfit your barn with metal roof panels, as well as wall and siding systems for every application. Our materials are strong, versatile, and energy-efficient – and with our wide selection of colors, there’s something to enhance any design. Whether you want a classic barn or a striking commercial design, we’re here to make the process simple.


While wood barns have long been the standard in the agricultural industry, more and more farmers are moving away from wood materials in favor of metal wall panels. This is primarily practical; wood rots over time and requires regular upkeep, while metal walls withstand the elements and last much longer.

Outfitting your barn with metal wall panels is a much easier process than using a traditional wooden barn. You can install the walls relatively quickly, and expanding the barn is easier (should you need more space as your business grows). Best of all, the finished product is both practical and beautiful, giving your structure a modern look.

Metal Sales can help you find the ideal metal wall panels for your barn or other agricultural structure. With the help of our experts, you can find the product that will minimize your maintenance work, outlast the elements, and offer you superior protection.

Think about the buildings in use on your farm. The barn, the granary, the stables – all these structures go through a lot during the year. Between natural elements like rain and snow and the mud and messes caused by livestock over time, you may find that wood and stone materials simply aren’t up to snuff.

No matter the color or style you need, we’ll make sure you get it – and that it’s of the highest quality you’ll find anywhere in the industry.


Today’s farmer is a hard-working businessman, providing products to the masses on an incredible scale. Your farm needs more than structures that help you “get by;” you need structures that will help your business thrive. Metal roofing, siding, or walls can make a huge difference in your business simply by helping your structures stand taller for many more years.

With agricultural metal roofing or metal siding on your barn, you can minimize your annual maintenance work. Many metal panels have been known to last upwards of 30 years! You can save an incredible amount of time with metal structures on your farm – and in the agriculture industry, time is truly precious.

Metal barn roofing or wall panels are also exceptionally durable. They won’t rot after years of exposure to snow and rain, and they’re less likely than wood structures to blow over in high winds. Your agricultural roofing needs to be strong enough to outlast any elemental damage, which makes metal the ideal choice for any farmer.

Finally, metal is much more sustainable than wood or stone structures. Metal lasts much longer than these other materials, and this longevity results in less consumption due to replacements or repairs. As a farmer, you know how important sustainability is to our planet. Outfitting your farm with metal structures is a great way to minimize your impact on the environment.


Metal Sales has been providing superior products to the agriculture industry for over 55 years. Our products are made from durable (and recyclable) steel, which will last you for years to come. In fact, our metal roof panels are designed to last two to three times longer than standard asphalt shingles!

We are also committed to sustainability – both in our products and our business model. All our metal panels are made from up to 30% recycled steel. Give that old barn a new look! Our team will also work with you to make reskinning an existing building with new panels both environmentally and economically beneficial, so you can enjoy a sustainable structure without overspending.

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We offer a variety of solutions and tools to find a quality roof that will last for generations. Learn more about our commercial solutions and options for your business.

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