The Metal Sales Difference

Metal Sales knows that when it comes to light gauge metal roofing, siding and accessories, today’s builders have choices. That’s why we continue to go above and beyond – in product quality, innovation and service – to ensure that builders receive the best overall value from one company: Metal Sales.

Here are just some of the ways Metal Sales provides rural builders the best overall value.

Superior Materials for Superior Products

When you get down to it, the quality of metal roofing and siding is simply a combination of the consistency and thickness of steel, and the coatings that protect the metal from corrosive environments. And since a coating system is the first layer of defense against nature, it is crticial that it performs to task. 

The U.S. market today is being flooded with foreign steel and aluminum coil that has been coated with a low-cost, but very low-quality, paint that simply does not withstand ordinary weathering conditions of North America. These paints – originating from China, India and Korea – fade and chalk more rapidly and contribute to the premature failure of the steel or aluminum substrate that they are intended to protect. Because of these inferior coatings, any metal roofing and siding manufactured from these materials is inherently inferior. 

Instead, Metal Sales uses only the highest quality color coating systems, from the world’s most reputable architectural coatings suppliers. These coatings are designed to protect metal substrates for the life of a building and resist fading and chalking for decades to ensure your buildings stay looking great. And, they are backed by Metal Sales’ industry-best 45 Year Paint System Warranty.

More Products in More Places Metal Sales is nationwide. With 21 manufacturing facilities located in 17 states, including Alaska, we’re able to keep our shipping distances and costs to our distributors to a minimum. We can keep our costs highly competitive nationwide and can get products in the hands of builders faster. What’s more, Metal Sales owns and operates its own fleet of delivery trucks. We can ensure on-time, professional delivery of your order in pristine condition.

State-of-the-Art Innovations

  • A roofing retrofit system that allows an old roof to remain in place, while a new high-performance Metal Sales roof is added.
  • A steel alloy engineered specifically to resist the corrosive effects of animal waste.
  • Potable rainwater harvesting systems.
  • Photovoltaic roofs.

These are just a handful of the innovative product and system offerings of Metal Sales. Expert Service Up-Close and Personal Each of Metal Sales’ 21 manufacturing facilities is staffed with expert sales and technical personnel. These Metal Sales professionals are trained to help guide you to the best metal roofing and siding products appropriate for your specific application, locale, performance criteria and budget – not to mention the look you’re after. Metal Sales technical experts are always available to assist you, even if it means an on-site visit to ensure that you’re getting the most value from your investment.