For the majority of rainwater collection, a roof acts as the primary catchment area. Can this type of rainwater harvesting be used from a metal roof?

When metal is subjected to a change in temperature, it responds by changing size, known as thermal expansion and contraction.

When considering a new building, knowing the differences between building materials gives you the advantage of making the right decision for your project.

A metal roof can last up to 50+ years with very little maintenance. In this article, you will see some advantages of having a metal roof.

When looking  for a metal roof, you may hear the terms “Galvalume” and “galvanized steel”. Learn the differences between the two in this article.

Some homeowners are dissuaded from metal roofs because of the misconceptions surrounding metal roof panels. Learn the common myths that are out there.

Oil canning is generally an aesthetic issue and is not a cause for rejection. By installing and handling correctly, oil canning can be greatly reduced.

When purchasing a metal roof, questions that you will have to decide is whether you should purchase a Weathertight Warranties and are they worth the cost.

Retro-Master® is a complete retrofit roof system that transforms any old or failing roof into a new, sophisticated, code-compliant, and energy-efficient sloped metal roof

Both panels can be very different in terms of aesthetics and cost. Learn the main differences between the two.

When it comes to metal roofing, there are three options for underlayment: felt, synthetic and High-temp underlayment. which one is the best for your next project?

There are a variety of metal profiles to choose from and they are all available in several gauges, but how do you select the right gauge for your project?

The question is, can you paint a metal roof? The short answer is yes, you can, but there are several things you must consider before moving forward with your project.

The advantages of a metal building has many benefits including cost-efficiency, durability, design flexibility, quick assembly, and low maintenance.

A well-planned and executed groundwork is crucial for a successful foundation for your metal building. Follow these steps to prepare your next building.

When purchasing a new roof, two of the more common roofing styles on the west coast are metal roof panels and clay tiles. Learn pros and cons of each.

Choosing a standing seam metal roof  is everything you want in a roof. Your next decision is to determine if you want a snap lock or mechanically seamed panel.

The cost of a metal roof is influenced by several factors including materials, style, coating, complexity and labor which all of important factors.

Metal is the building material of choice as it provides many benefits including low maintenance, ease to build, durability and flexible design.