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Barndominium Metal Roofing & Siding

The next new trend in rural America is the barndominium—the perfect combination of shop space and living space. What started as a cost-effective way to live and work on rural land has gained a lot of popularity, and along with that popularity, new trends in designer styling.


A barndominium is a single structure that contains workshop space and completely finished living space with heating, plumbing, and all the creature comforts of a home—including attractive design and styling. These homes are built in rural areas as an ideal living situation for carpenters, hobbyists, artisans, and others who need workshop or warehouse space at home.

Fortunately, this is changing. Homeowners have more options available to them than ever before, and have discovered a far more permanent roofing solution – metal. Explore the clear advantages of metal roofing today – learn why metal has become the fastest-growing category of roofing, and why a Metal Sales roof offers the best value to today's well-informed homeowner.

Barndominium Roofing

The aesthetic appeal of the modern barndominium embraces a modern and trendy take on rustic living. The most common structures are modeled after farm architecture, embracing metal and wood as the most common building materials. The base of the structure uses steel post-frame construction, which is perfect for metal panel roofing.

Roofing Questions

Exposed Fastener Roofing

Building a barndominium as an economical choice for rural living is what initially started the trend of these dual-purpose structures. Metal Sales can provide high-quality metal roof panels at an affordable price that can be color-matched to existing agriculture buildings. Our exposed fastener panels provide the most cost-effective way to get a durable, eco-friendly barndominium roof. Choose from more than two-dozen panel styles, including ribbed, corrugated, low-profile, and crimped panels.

Residential Metal Roof

Concealed Fastener Roofing

Building a barndominium as a stylistic choice for modern, trendy living is becoming increasingly popular. Metal Sales can provide premium quality concealed fastened panels for a modern design that aligns with designer barndominium trends. Homeowners will enjoy a seamless, high-end look with the same eco-friendly benefits of a traditional metal roof. Choose from eighteen different style options, including vertical seam, steel, aluminum, mini-batten, maxi-batten, clip-loc, box-batten, and more.

Barndominium Siding

The siding of your barn home is traditionally wood or metal. Between the two, metal panels offer a more economical approach with improved fire safety performance to keep your home and your family safe. Your barndominium will fit right into rural America while still providing you with a custom barn home look and feel.

Standing Seam

Exposed Fastener Siding

There are two big reasons why customers choose exposed fastener panels for their barndominium construction. The first is cost. If you’re building a barndominium for efficiency, exposed fastener panels provide the coverage that you need at a price that makes sense. The second is for appearance. Exposed fastener panels come in wider widths, providing a more uniform appearance. The great thing about buying metal wall panels from Metal Sales is that you get a durable, eco-friendly product that is highly customizable to your needs and style preferences. Choose from more than three-dozen styles, including V-Line 32, U-Panel, Classic Rib, 1.25" Corrugated and more.


Concealed Fastener Siding

For high-end or luxury-line barndominiums, concealed-fastener panels are designed to eliminate maintenance needs and provide a polished look to your barndominium. While these panels come at a higher cost, it’s often a style choice for many who choose to build a barndominium. Choose from more than two dozen styles, including striated, high-performance, soffits, standing seam, and more.

Benefits of a metal barndominium

Building a metal barndominium can be a smart investment in economic living or a big style statement, depending on how you go about it. While some builders choose other materials like wood, there are a few notable benefits to erecting a metal barndominium, like:

Why buy from metal sales

Metal Sales is the largest manufacturer of prefabricated metal panels for walls and roofs. We offer a range of products in different sizes and styles to customize your barndominium build. Plus, our panels work either vertically or horizontally to provide you with maximum design control. Our metal panels work with a variety of substrates and come with impressive warranties.

Let us help you choose the right features and colors for your custom barndominium build. We specialize in quality metal panels that are visually attractive and cost-effective. Make the most out of your custom build opportunity by partnering with an industry leader in metal panels. We provide extensive resources and decades of expertise to help you choose the right materials.



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