Case Study

Costco Wholesale

Costco is aware of its responsibility to design and construct its sites and buildings in an energy-efficient, sustainable and environmentally responsible manner. Costco’s warehouse designs are consistent with the requirements of the organization Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), an internationally accepted benchmark for green building design and construction. We continue to improve the design and construction of our buildings as technological advancements in these areas and building materials improve.

Improved engineering and design has resulted in the use of less materials such as columns and I-beams, while providing more strength. Our prefabricated structural steel system is comprised of 80% recycled content. We often incorporate existing structures into our design.

Our metal building insulation with ECOSE® Technology contains an average of 76.98% recycled content. The roofs maintain a reflectance rating of .68, emittance of .25 and SRI of 63, lessening the heat gain on the roof. We use recycled asphalt in our new parking lots and recycled concrete as a base material. The erection efficiency of the structural system and envelope reduces the overall construction duration, saving time and money. High-efficiency restroom fixtures save 40% more water. Mechanical heat from refrigeration systems are captured to preheat hot water tanks.


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Costco Wholesale

Project Type: Retail