Case Study

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Louisville

Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation made its third national appearance on ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” on Sunday, January 9th, and right in its own backyard.  Metal Sales contributed its Vertical Seam roofing panels and trim to the garage/wrestling center of the Lampe family’s new home in Louisville, KY, the city where Metal Sales is headquartered. The roof provides strength and durability, which complements the building’s purpose.

The project features Metal Sales’ Vertical Seam 24 gauge panel in Dark Bronze to match the garage’s earthy wood-paneled exterior. The snap-seam panels are installed utilizing a concealed clip. They can be installed over open framing or a solid substrate and feature a factory-applied side lap sealant.

“It’s such a pleasure to work on this type of project, especially when it helps our own community,” says Steve Letnich, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Metal Sales.  “Our roof will protect this inspiring family and the community members invited in. We are proud of the beauty and strength it brings to the completed home.”

The January 9th episode featured Jeff and Shelley Lampe, along with their six children. The Lampes face continued medical and financial struggles, which has forced them to forgo critical home repairs in order to provide for their children and the community. Mr. Lampe, owner of a tree service business, has sustained several work-related injuries, but remains committed to helping his community by offering wrestling training sessions in his garage. The sessions are so popular that sometimes boys will wait in a line outside the garage for their turn to train. The new garage will afford the family and community much needed training space and is protected by a sustainable metal roof from Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation.

As a three-time contributor to “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” Metal Sales has proven itself a trustworthy service provider. All metal roofing materials are carefully selected by the project’s architects and must be of the highest quality to be considered for “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.” All contractors and installers must be nominated, based on a history of superior work.

Project Details

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Louisville

Project Completion Date: 2010
Project Type: Residential