Case Study

Grow Community

Metal Sales provides its 7/8” Corrugated Wall Panels to the healthy homes of Grow Community, a new urban neighborhood on Bainbridge Island outside Seattle, Washington.

Just a 35-minute ferry ride from the bustling city of Seattle, Grow Community has become the go-to destination for all generations looking to enrich their lives with environmental responsibility, while reaping the benefits of a high-quality, healthy lifestyle.  Where health and happiness act as the glue that holds Grow Community together, residents of this community boast zero carbon footprints and use sustainable transport, water, food and materials on a daily basis.

Phase I of the Grow Community project began as a community building experience under Jonathan Davis, architect and Greg Lotakis of Asani LLC, the development company. It transpired into the first endorsed One Planet Living Community in the United States — where every residential home lives within the resources of the planet. The Village, Grow Community’s first completed neighborhood, is not only powered by photovoltaics, but also includes net-zero energy homes. The project team needed to match the innovative and eco-friendly environment of the Village with equally sustainable materials and turned to Metal Sales to achieve the desired outcome.

“Metal Sales was first-of-mind for this project,” says Davis. “We knew we wanted to design with corrugated metal because it is a low-maintenance, cost-effective, lifetime material – it’s a perfect sustainable option. And Metal Sales offers the highest quality product of this kind and the very best design assistance.”

More than 12,000 square feet of Metal Sales 7/8” Corrugated Wall Panels in Mistique Plus adorn the exterior walls of each home in the Village. The deep, thick panels withstand heavy loads and complement the solar panels attached to each roof. Metal Sales met Grow Community’s sustainability goals because its panels have a long life span, are 100% recyclable, and contain a high percentage of recycled material – contributing to sustainable building goals, such as LEED. All standard panel colors are ENERGY STAR® listed and can improve the energy efficiency of a building.

Sustainability fuels Grow Community, and the design team worked closely with Metal Sales to ensure the project met and exceeded its LEED goals. The company’s highly-trained professionals offer comprehensive, user-friendly product information and work with project managers, estimators, installers and engineers until each product application is successfully completed.

“We work with Metal Sales exclusively because of the strength of their material and the strength of our relationship,” adds Davis. “Their product is installed on my own home, and I’ve always been impressed with both its longevity and its beauty.”

Grow Community’s principles are found in its name — when generations grow together, both physically in shared gardens and as a one local economy, they form an enriching community. Phase II has just begun and offers more opportunities to use Metal Sales products.

Project Details

Grow Community

Project Size: 12,000
Project Completion Date: 2015
Project Type: Residential
Architect: Davis Studio Architect + Design Bainbridge Island, WA

General Contractor: PHC Construction Bainbridge Island, WA