Case Study

Jim Beam Stillhouse and Distillery

Jim Beam’s new American Stillhouse and Distillery was designed to reflect the company’s iconic brand and sustainable operating practices. Metal Sales contributes to both by outfitting the LEED® Gold facility with roof, wall and soffit panels.

Iconic Brand: Exterior wall panels are custom-painted with Jim Beam branding on the building’s façade while interior panels provide visual interest. Roof and soffit panels seamlessly match the visual theme of the facility.

Sustainable Operating Practices: Metal Sales roof and wall panels with ENERGY STAR® listed colors were used. All of the panels have a lifespan of 55+ years, are 100% recyclable and contain a high percentage of recycled content. They also improve the building’s energy-efficiency by reducing the amount of energy needed for cooling.

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Project Details

Jim Beam Stillhouse and Distillery

Project Completion Date: 2013
Project Type: Retail, Distillery/Winery/Brewery, Entertainment/Leisure
Architect: Barnette Bagley Architects, PSC Lexington, KY
Installer: JC Industries Louisville, KY

General Contractor: JC Industries Louisville, KY