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McLennan Residence “Heron Hall”

A house is something personal and intimate. Walking into another’s home can reveal delicate nuances of their personality, which could have otherwise been left unseen. Every nook and cranny is uniquely decorated to fit character and aesthetic yearnings. Designing one’s own home is not something that everyone has the opportunity to do. For an architect, it is not simply a desire, but often a goal to create their dream home. Jason F. McLennan, architect and CEO of McLennan Design, took designing his home very seriously — and spared no detail in doing so.

Located on Bainbridge Island, Washington, McLennan’s home has been given the moniker “Heron Hall” as a nod to the native birds of the area. Nature is an important part of the McLennan family’s life. It was clear to see that this oasis, surrounded by water, rich with wildlife and vegetation, was the perfect site for the project. Heron Hall was designed to keep nature close and respect the wide variety of wildlife that shares the grounds.

In maintaining a balance between man and nature, choosing material for the project was not taken lightly. With his history of sustainability, it is no surprise that McLennan included only the best of environmentally friendly materials available for his home. Building materials used on the structure were a mix of new products and salvaged material — most of which were purchased locally.

McLennan and his team decided that a metal roof for Heron Hall would serve as both an aesthetic statement and mindful decision in regards to the environment, choosing the durable and sustainable 22 gauge Vertical Seam roof panels by Metal Sales. As a Structural Standing Seam panel, the Vertical Seam product is not only made up of 30% recycled steel, fitting into McLennan’s vision of sustainability, but it also provides the home with long-lasting protection for generations to come.

The metal roof panels are coated in a Snowdrift White shade of Sherwin-Williams most environmentally conscious architectural metal coating — Fluropon Pure. This top-of-the-line coating is the newest addition to the Fluropon family. Fluropon Pure was formulated as an architectural metal coating that maintains the exquisite color retention and durability of other Fluropon coatings while introducing trustworthy sustainability.

The materials used in Fluropon Pure are not hidden and shameful. With reduced hazardous materials, Fluropon Pure offers complete transparency in honestly disclosing the environmental capabilities and make-up of the coating. In addition to the green contents of the coating, Fluropon Pure contains solar reflective pigments, which reflect harmful UV rays and lower the Heat Island Effect — decreasing the structure’s energy use. Pairing Metal Sales’ Structural Standing Seam metal roof panels with Fluropon Pure architectural metal coating put Heron Hall right on track to becoming one of the most environmentally friendly residential homes in the country.

By prioritizing sustainability with this project, Heron Hall registered as a 2.1 project with the Living Building Challenge green building rating system and is striving to reach 3.0. Furthermore, the metal roof panels and coating used on the home are certified under the Materials Petal of the Living Building Challenge. As the founder of the Living Building Challenge, McLennan truly walks the walk with his design of Heron Hall.

Heron Hall; Bainbridge Island, Washington. More information here:



Project Details

McLennan Residence “Heron Hall”

Project Completion Date: 2018
Project Type: Residential
Architect: McLennan Design
Installer: Hanley Roofing

General Contractor: Smallwood Design & Construction