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Passive House LA+

Located in Culver City, a bustling suburb in west Los Angeles, near LAX, Marina Del Rey, the beach cities of Santa Monica, Malibu and close to Beverly Hills, Passive House LA is the first newly built “Certified Passive House” in Los Angeles and among the first Passive Houses built in Southern California

The idea behind this project is to educate and inform potential clients and interested parties about the benefits of Passive House; this home is one of the ideal prototypes for the rollout of “Passive House Building” in the Los Angeles/Southern California market. It will highlight significant energy cost savings and demonstrate home health benefits based on actual performance. Here visitors see and learn about “Passive House” performance and building standards.

Passive House LA is a project designed by PARAVANT Architects, and is strategically planned to showcase the back-end technologies and benefits of the “Passive House Standard”, including home health, extremely high efficient energy use, and sustainable building practices. Additionally, Passive house LA is a Zero Net Energy (ZNE) Home.

Passive House LA is located on a duplex lot, infill site and is comprised of 1,750 Sq. Ft. of living area with an additional large deck area over the carport. Large windows provide sufficient natural light and a connection between indoor and outdoor living even with this home’s limited footprint. Exterior fully automated venetian blinds reduce UV, heat, and glare, effectively keeping the house cooler and comfortable. The entire building envelope including the windows, Metal Sales Vertical Seam metal wall panel system and insulation are combined to produce bottom line, significant energy cost savings not possible with conventional building practices.

The goal of healthy indoor air quality is met by using a highly efficient heat-recovery ventilator (HRV). Water conservation is achieved with a motion-activated hot water delivery system.

A ~5.4kW (5,360 watts) photovoltaic system with a storage battery in combination with a heat pump water heater, makes this home net zero – or possibly plus – energy, reducing the utility bills for a lifetime.

Architect: PARAVANT Architects
CPHC: Sylvia Wallis, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, CPHC

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Project Details

Passive House LA+

Project Size: 1,750
Project Completion Date: 2019
Project Type: Residential
Architect: PARAVANT Architects