Why Do Architects, Contractors and Owners Choose Metal Sales?

When we ask our customers why they chose Metal Sales over other brands of metal roof and wall system, we get many answers. Breadth of product. Quality and value of product. Products that help achieve my design strategy or intent. Highly knowledgeable technical service and support.  

But one virtually universal response is, “It’s easier to work with Metal Sales.”
What does this really mean? Well, it depends on who you ask.

Architects point to our consultative sales approach and our willingness to experiment with them. They rely on our deep understanding of code requirements, our design methods for enhanced thermal and moisture performance of a building envelope and our Net-Zero building integrated renewable energy strategies. They also appreciate Metal Sales’ ongoing commitment to the sustainable building movement and the simple efficiency of our products and systems.

General Contractors mention our growing nationwide network of skilled and approved subcontractors, our 21 manufacturing facilities in 17 states and our company-owned delivery fleet that ensures products get to their job sites on time, complete and ready to install.
Roofing and Wall Contractors appreciate our technical expertise and training, as well as the in-person assistance that’s always near to where they’re installing. 
And Building Owners are quick to credit our total value – the quality of our products, warranties and services available at highly competitive prices.