New Retro-Master™ Brochures Available

Metal Sales recently released two brochures for the new Retro-Master™, a re-roof solution that provides every element needed to install a modern, code-compliant, energy-efficient, sloped metal roof over an old or failing roof.

"Roof Replacement Solutions" demonstrates
the benefits of retrofitting existing flat or sloped
roofs of any material with a high performance
sloped metal roof.

The brochure contains product and sustainability
information accompanied by detailed illustrations
and photography.

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"Metal-Over-Metal Re-Roof Solution" speaks specifically
to the benefits of retrofitting old or failing metal sloped roofs
with new and improved Metal Sales roofs.

This brochure also contains product and sustainability
information, detailed illustrations, photography and a
component order form to ensure that your selection process
is as easy and convenient as possible. 

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Retro-Master™ Before and After

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