Stone Creek Stone-Coated Steel Wall Systems

Stone Creek Stone Coated Steel Wall panels are beautiful and durable stucco-coated steel panels. They rely on a hidden fastener system and exceed today’s Universal Building Codes, meeting approval of Miami-Dade County. Each Stone Creek panel project is manufactured to your building’s specifications – resulting in lower costs and more timely completion.

Stone Creek wall panels consist of hot-dipped galvanized, commercial-gauge 20-gauge ASTM A924 steel. They are coated on two sides, with an epoxy primer and a dry wall film thickness of 1 to 1.5 millimeters. The extremely hard and durable applied finish is comprised of acrylic and marble crush. 

Why Stone Creek?

Stone Creek wall panels are easily applied by those erecting the building structure, eliminating the need for additional contractors and reducing costs. They can be installed in any climate, at any time of year, and do not require the installation of a weather barrier. Thanks to Stone Creek, customers areable to complete more projects – both new builds and renovations – on time and at reasonable costs.

Stone Creek panels are easily installed using wood, concrete, metal or any one of today’s construction methods. One of the heaviest wall panels at 20 gauge, Stone Creek stands up to harsh environments while offering a 40-year warranty against fade and minimizing unsightly surface distortion inherent among lighter gauge products. The panel eliminates water absorption, frost damage, chipping and peeling, which reduces maintenance requirements. Moreover, an optional clip design is available for added wind resistance.

Stone Creek is not only sturdy, but beautiful. It is available in up to 24 standard colors – and up to 1500 colors are available for selection on a custom basis.