T-Armor Series™ Structural Standing Seam Roof System

Inspired to Elevate Performance and Aesthetics in Roofing

T-Armor Series™ structural standing seam roof system from Metal Sales achieves a new pinnacle in long-term performance, installation ease and design flexibility. Whether for new construction or retrofit, T-Armor Series delivers inspired solutions in standing seam metal roofing. 


• Engineered one-piece direct-fastened concealed clip for more efficient installation with up to four-point fastening for superior resistance to wind and snow loads 

• Accommodates ½” to 6” thick blanket insulation to meet or exceed project requirements and today’s stringent energy codes

• Symmetrical profile with mechanically seamed cap allows for faster multi-directional installations and easier installations of complex roof designs 

• Single panel removal and replacement in the event of damage, resulting in savings of time, material, and labor

• Available in six distinct panel profiles with a 2-3/8" & 3" rib height*, three panel widths, three thicknesses of steel and two thicknesses of aluminum – the widest selection in the industry

• Curving options for dynamic roof designs

• Applies over open framing or solid substrate

• Choose from the industry’s widest palette of ENERGY STAR® listed color coatings


Where performance, ease of installation and aesthetics matter most, choose T-Armor Series roof system by Metal Sales.


An Improved Clip Engineered for Superior Performance and Easier Installation

T-Armor Series roof system’s new one-piece concealed clip provides stronger panel-to-support engagement without sacrificing the thermal movement capability of roofing panels – even those that are very long. The clip’s design gives T-Armor Series roof system superior resistance to environmental loads.

Each clip features four holes for fastening to a roof’s support. With four fastening points, T-Armor Series roof panels, in fact, require fewer clips than alternative roof systems, speeding installation. T-Armor Series roofs can even be installed on supports that have lower pull-out strengths, such as plywood or OSB, yet still achieve exceptional resistance to wind loads. 

For roofs or roof areas susceptible to extreme high winds or snow loads,
T-Armor Series roof system also offers an optional continuous concealed clip, which can span the entire length of a roof panel. This clip’s long length can provide far greater contact area for both panel-to-clip and clip-to-support engagement, which translates to even greater increases in wind uplift resistance and load carrying capability.

Engineered and Tested for the Ultimate in Protection

The T-Armor Series roof system’s mechanically-seamed cap with factory-applied sealant provides a long-termweathertight seal. Produced from the same coil as the roofing panel, the cap is sure to perfectly match your roof. 

All Metal Sales roof systems undergo rigorous testing for wind, snow, fire, impact, expansion and contraction, air and water according to industry standards. And with industry-leading 20 Year Weathertight Warranty and a 45 Year Paint Warranty on PVDF coating systems, you can be confident your roof system will meet performance expectations.



T-Armor Series™
Design Manual

T-Armor Series
Specification Data Sheet

T-Armor Series™
3-Part Specification


T-Armor 2-3/8"
T-Armor 2-3/8"
Aluminum CTR
T-Armor 3"
T-Armor 3"
Aluminum CTR

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