When your project calls for a rustic look or pre-aged metal appearance, Metal Sales offers two options.

Weathering Steel

Weathering Steel roof and wall panels from Metal Sales are naturally oxidizing to provide a rustic aesthetic immediately upon installation. Over time, panels continue to develop an iron oxide matte finish, creating a dynamic and distinctive aged appearance without having to wait 50 years. 

The materials used to manufacture Weathering Steel are high-strength and low-alloy. They have the same characteristics as cold-rolled steel, combined with minimal alloys of copper, chromium and nickel to help “heal” the rusting in order to prolong the life of the product. Note that run-off issues may occur, and material life span will differ depending on application and atmospheric conditions.


MS Rustic Steel

MS Rustic Steel offers another choice for those that desire the classic look of steel but still want the highest quality metal roofing, including a full warranty. MS Rustic Steel has a PVDF paint system with a primer, brown topcoat, and a contrasting overlay print that closely resembles the look of aged steel with improved atmospheric corrosion resistance.

The topcoat contains infrared pigments that makes MS Rustic Steel a “cool roof” product, which translates to energy savings.

This choice provides an instant aged appearance with the long-life and low maintenance requirements of steel without the effects of rusting steel run-off. 

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