Net-Zero Aligned

A Net-Zero energy building will annually produce as much renewable energy as it consumes. Achieving Net-Zero requires the robust implementation of two overarching strategies:

In both strategies, Metal Sales architectural systems excel.


Energy Conservation

Cool Pigment Technology

All standard Metal Sales color coatings are listed with ENERGY STAR® for their ability to reflect the sun’s heat, and many are listed by the Cool Roof Rating Council for both their reflectivity and low emissivity. These special coatings explain how a Metal Sales roof can reduce a roof’s surface temperature by up to 100° F, dramatically decreasing a building’s heat gain and reducing peak cooling demand by 10-15%. As roughly one-sixth of all electricity produced in the U.S. is for cooling of buildings, this feature of Metal Sales products is extremely beneficial for the conservation of electricity.1

Of course, walls subject to the sun’s rays also contribute significantly to a building’s solar heat gain. As all Metal Sales coatings are made from cool pigment technology, energy savings are also realized from Metal Sales wall systems.

High Performance Exterior Wall Construction

In ongoing efforts to improve the thermal performance of building envelopes, new methods are continuously being developed, tested and used. Today, the preferred method of exterior wall construction involves using continuous insulation located outboard of thermally conductive steel framing.

Accommodating this additional layer of continuous insulation requires that wall cladding materials are located further outboard in cantilevered fashion, sometimes as much as nine to ten inches away from steel framing members. In this design configuration, reducing the weight of the cladding material to prevent sagging is paramount.

Metal Sales single skin wall panels are an ideal choice owing to their light weight. Weighing from just one to one-and-a-quarter pound per square foot, the lightweight nature of Metal Sales wall panels means they can more easily be employed in high-performance exterior wall construction.

Metal Sales offers an AIA CES HSW/SD Learning Unit on High Performance Wall Construction. Ask your Metal Sales representative for more information.

High-Performance Roof Systems

Roofing is also a critical element to the overall sustanability of the building envelope. Metal Sales Standing Seam Roofs can accommodate up to 6” of blanket insulation for maximum thermal efficiency on both new and retrofit construction. 


Renewable Energy Production

As architects begin to realize the possibilities of creating Net-Zero energy buildings, they are also discovering the many advantages that Metal Sales standing seam roof systems provide in implementing Net-Zero design strategies.

Rooftops of buildings have become an important focal point for achieving Net-Zero energy consumption, as the roof is where solar and wind energy can most effectively be harvested. 

Metal Sales standing seam roof systems help architects and contractors integrate renewable energy technologies more easily and effectively.

Solar Heating Integration –The sun beating down on a roof is obviously the primary source of unwanted solar heat gain in a building. Cool coating technology helps to significantly reflect the sun’s energy away from a building. Additionally, the thermal energy that remains can be used to help heat air and water for building operations. Today, standing seam metal roof systems are successfully being employed to accomplish this.

Micro Wind Turbines – These smaller, lightweight but powerful devices are easily attached to the standing seams of Metal Sales roof systems. Specially engineered clips, which do not compromise the roof’s weathertight integrity by penetrating the metal roofing panel, are used. The roof also maintains its ability to expand and contract freely in times of temperature differentials.