Building rehabilitation and re-use can be environmentally advantageous compared to building new, but Metal Sales products and systems also make retrofitting economically advantageous. 

Retro-Master® High Performance Retrofit Roof Systems

Metal Sales Retro-Master® metal roofing retrofit systems allow a new insulated high-performance metal roof to be installed directly over any existing old or inefficient roof, whether it’s sloped or flat. These systems do not require removing the old roof, and instead use the existing roof as a platform on which to build the new roof. 

Facade Rehabilitation

Facade rehabilitation is also achieved more affordably using lightweight Metal Sales wall panels as rainscreen cladding. To do so, a layer of continuous insulation is added to old masonry or EIFS walls. Next, adjustable vertical subgirts are put in place to attach the new wall panels and to correct for walls that are out of plumb. Then, pristine new lightweight Metal Sales wall panels are installed as a new facade.