Concealed Fastener Metal Roof Panels

Concealed fastener roof panels are a type of roofing panel joined together by an interlocking seam and fastened with the fasteners or clips hidden under the panels. Most of these roofing options are standing seam roofs and offer higher aesthetic quality. Metal Sales offers a full line of concealed fastener roof panels for construction jobs. Choose from the corrugated rib height, spacing, material used, product series, coverage, and more. Metal Sales makes installing a concealed fastener roof panel easy and efficient.

Concealed Metal Roofing Panels

Concealed fastener roof panels are a popular selection for residential roofing. Many homeowners prefer the look of the concealed fastener as opposed to the exposed fastener. When the roofing panels are put into place, the fasteners cannot be seen from the outer part of the roof.

The concealed fastener roof panels are often found in standing seam profiles and with thicker gauges of metal roofing panels, meaning they are more expensive. Even with the higher cost, many homeowners prefer this due to the appearance.

Metal Sales offers an entire line of concealed fastener roof panel options:

  • Box-Batten
  • Clip-Loc
  • Image II™
  • Image II™ Aluminium
  • Magna-Loc 180
  • Magna-Loc 180 Aluminum
  • Magna-Loc 180 Curved
  • Magna-Loc 90
  • Magna-Loc 90 Aluminum
  • Maxi-Batten
  • Mini-Batten 1.5”
  • Mini-Batten 1”
  • Seam-Loc 24®
  • Snap-Loc 24
  • T-Armor Series 2 3/8”
  • T-Armor Series 2 3/8” Aluminum
  • T-Armor Series 3”
  • T-Armor Series 3” Aluminum
  • Vertical Seam
  • All of the non-aluminum concealed roof panels are available in a 24 ga. and/or a 26 ga. The finishes available vary based on the design and material type of the concealed fastener roof panel. Each of the Metal Sales concealed roof panels offers a clean, linear elegance paired with unmatched quality in each panel.

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    Concealed Fastened

    Concealed fastened roofing panels are perfect for people who love the benefits of a metal roof but prefer a less traditional look. With concealed fastened panels, you get a sleek, modern appearance that fits in seamlessly in residential neighborhoods.

    Concealed fastened panels come in many different styles, opening the door to a lot of flexibility to get the look you want. These panels are typically created with an interlocking design that prevents leaks around seams while keeping the fasteners out of sight.

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