Concealed Fastener Wall Panels

Much like exposed fastener panels, the concealed fastener wall panels offer many benefits to the home or commercial space they are being used in. From fireproofing to design flexibility, the installation offers economic and aesthetic benefits. The concealed fasteners are more aesthetically valued, especially in a commercial or a residential setting. Many different finishes are available for these thicker gauged metals, making them more durable and require less maintenance in the long run for home and business owners.

Concealed Fastened Metal Wall Panels

residential settings. Besides being visually pleasing, they offer an increased amount of security to the area in which they are being installed. The use of concealed fastener wall panels (or any metal wall panel) can help reduce the risk of an active fire spreading, keeping the surrounding area cool. Many restaurants will incorporate the metal walls into the kitchen to help contain the heat from seeping into the rest of the seating area.

LThese types of walls also help with moisture resistance. Where other materials breakdown, like bricks, the use of concealed fastener wall panels allows for protection from corrosion, making the wall last longer than traditional methods of covering.

Metal Sales offers the following when considering a concealed fastener wall panel for your next project:

  • AP1-1212
  • AP1-1653
  • CN88-1212
  • CN88-1653
  • DM40 Double Mesa Wall
  • EM1-1212
  • EM1-1653
  • EM15-126
  • EM15-1266
  • EM15-1275
  • EM15-1284
  • EM15-1293
  • EM15-168
  • FL40 Flat Wall
  • HE40 Heavy Embossed Wall
  • HE40A Adobe Texture™
  • Image II™
  • Image II™ Aluminum
  • Mini-Batten 1.5”
  • Soffit Panel
  • Soffit Panel Flat-Lanced
  • ST40 Striated Wall
  • TL-122
  • TL-17
  • TL-17A
  • TL-17C
  • TL-17D
  • TLC-1
  • TLC-10
  • TLC-2
  • TLC-3
  • TLC-4
  • TLC-9
  • Vertical Seam
  • Each of these different panels has features for personalization, including a variety of finishes, colors, and gauges. You can find the exact concealed fastener wall panel to fit the aesthetic of the area and provide the right amount of rustic-value to the space.

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    Concealed Fastened Wall Panels

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