COVID-19 Message

All 21 Metal Sales branches currently remain open (3/25/2020)

For the past week local and state governing bodies across the country, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, have begun to enact “Stay at Home” Executive Orders or similar actions that apply to certain businesses and their employees. These Orders provide for exceptions for those essential/critical industries and businesses that are vital to the U.S. and/or state infrastructure and economy.

We continue to review these Executive Orders from the various governing bodies around the country and the supporting information and guidance made available by each entity including the federal government. Based on these reviews to date, we have determined that Metal Sales is an essential/life sustaining business per their definition and we have a special responsibility during this pandemic to continue to operate and provide the goods and services that Americans and the government entities depend on in their daily lives. Examples of the type of projects and related industries that we support that have been highlighted in these Executive Orders as essential/life sustaining activities are as follows:

  • Construction: Steel construction, housing
  • Affordable Housing: Multifamily, tiny homes
  • Transitional Housing: Temporary, modular
  • Agriculture Industries: Dairy, poultry, confinement structures
  • Health Care: Medical office buildings
  • Essential Services Support: Police and Fire structures
  • Armed Forces: Military Barracks and National Guard armories
  • Public Works: Water treatment plants
  • Educational Facilities: K-12, STEM, higher learning

As a result, our manufacturing facilities will continue to remain open and operational.

As we have continued to communicate and demonstrate throughout our operations, the safety of our employees is our primary concern. This is a team effort and everyone has taken a personal responsibility to ensure their actions are in step with the guidelines and safeguards that we have implemented across our organization. Metal Sales’ manufacturing facilities and Corporate Office is following all the recommended safety precautions:

  • Minimizing employee interaction by having those that can work from home continue to do that.
  • In our branches we are adhering to the mandatory 6 ft. social distancing policy at ALL times.
  • We are diligent in cleaning/sanitizing our workspaces and all other areas throughout the day.
  • We strive to make good social distancing decisions outside of the workplace. This will keep everyone safer and healthier!

The climate we are facing is ever changing and the Metal Sales Leadership Team continues to monitor the situation closely and is committed to ongoing updates to keep you abreast of the situation.


Nick Dowd
President and CEO
Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation