Exposed Fastener Metal Roof Panels

The most economical solution when looking for metal roof panels is the exposed fastener roofing panel. These are the types of panels that you will most often see installed over solid decking, such as existing shingles and furring strips. The fasteners penetrate through the panel and into the solid structure below. Using fasteners in the same color as the exposed fastener roof panels installed can make them less visible. Exposed fastener panel installation is often less costly than concealed roofing panel installation and uses thinner pieces of material.

Exposed Fastened Metal Roof Panels

Economical and cost-efficient, exposed fastener roof panels are installed over an existing shingle decking. The fasteners can be coordinated to match the roofing color so that it is less visible after installation. The most noticeable benefit that consumers find with the exposed fastener roof panels is that they are more affordable than the concealed panels due to the thinner material and ability to install them over the existing shingled roof.

Metal Sales offers many different types and styles of exposed fastener roof panels. These panels include:

  • 1.25” Corrugated
  • 2.5” Corrugated
  • 5V-Crimp
  • 7/8” Corrugated
  • Bi-Rib
  • Classic Rib®
  • Delta Rib
  • DL-3 Panel
  • HR3 High Rib Roof
  • IC72-Panel
  • PBR-Panel
  • PBU-Panel
  • Pro-Panel II
  • R-Panel
  • Strongpanel®
  • T1
  • T11-A
  • T12
  • T13
  • T13-A
  • T13-B
  • T15
  • T16-E
  • T2
  • T23
  • T25
  • T2630
  • T2832
  • T3
  • T4
  • T5
  • T6-A
  • T7
  • T7-A
  • TDR-6
  • U-Panel
  • V-Line 32
  • Each of these styles offers a different level of performance, size, and finish based on the needs of the job the exposed fastener panel is being used for. Many of these panels are available in multiple gauges and finishes, making them durable and cost-efficient for the homeowner or construction site they are being used on.

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