Galvanized Metal Roofing Panels

Galvanized roof panels are sheets of metal that have been coated with zinc oxide to help prevent oxidization.. Galvanized metal is an affordable option, but the price fluctuates based on the steel thickness. Galvanized metal has been known to last decades under the right care and circumstances.

Galvanized Metal Roofing

Galvanized roof panels (and siding panels) are a versatile metal product that homeowners, contractors, and architects prefer. The steel is coated in zinc oxide, which protects it from harsh elements that can cause untreated metal to oxidize. Without the galvanized treatment, the metal would rust completely through.

This process has helped to keep roofing with a galvanized zinc oxide coating remain intact on houses, barns, and other buildings for decades before requiring replacement. A resin coating on the galvanized roof panel helps keep the panels resistant to scuffs or fingerprints. A satin finish accompanies the roof panel from start to finish.

The advantages of using galvanized metal roof panels include:

  • Lower Initial Cost – Compared to most of the treated metals, galvanized metal is ready to use on delivery, without additional preparation, inspection, coating, etc., which saves the industry using it additional costs on their end.
  • Longer Life – For example, a galvanized piece of industrial steel is expected to last more than 50 years in an average environment (over 20 years with severe water exposure). There is little to no maintenance required, and the increased durability of the galvanized finish increases reliability.
  • Sacrificial Anode – A quality that ensures any damaged metal is protected by the zinc coating surrounding it. The zinc will corrode before the metal does, making it the perfect sacrificial protection to areas that are damaged.
  • Rust Resistance – In extreme circumstances, metal is prone to rust. The galvanization makes a buffer between the metal and the environment (moisture or oxygen). It can include those corners and recesses that cannot be protected by any other coating material.

The most common industries that use galvanized metal are wind, solar, automotive, agricultural, and telecommunications. The construction industry uses galvanized roof panels in home construction and more. Siding panels are also popular in kitchens and bathrooms due to their longevity and versatility.

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