Insulated Metal Panels

Insulated metal panels can be used for both wall and roof applications. Metal Sales has insulated panels that offer the durability, safety, and energy efficiency that you want out of metal panels. Offered in multiple sizes, insulated thermal panels are easy to put together and install.

Insulated Metal Panels

Metal Sales insulated metal panels are manufactured and arrive on-site in one piece. This delivery allows for a simple one-step application process, which reduces construction time and costs. Insulated metal panels have a built-in insulated core that can provide energy-efficient insulation, lightweight construction material, durability, and versatile building use.

Walls are not the only structural components that can be created using insulated metal panels. These panels can also be created for roofing. In construction, insulated metal panels for roofing are often used in industrial and commercial buildings. When properly installed, these types of panels can last for four or more decades.

Insulated metal panels are frequently used because they come in a wide variety of colors, widths, finishes, and profiles, which enables virtually any aesthetic that is desired for walls and roofing. The customizability of these panels makes them popular options for buildings such as offices, banks, warehouses, government buildings, hospitality buildings, and even schools.

Like other metal roofing products, insulated panels have a lower maintenance cost. They are easier to take care of and cost less in maintenance which allows for costs to be reallocated where they are needed in the building's structure.

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Insulated Wall Panels

Metal Sales offers a selection of insulated metal wall panels that offer sustainable, energy-efficient savings over time while measurably reducing building costs at installation. Our insulated metal wall panels arrive in one piece to help you get your building constructed in less time.

Enjoy the same flexible design options and long-lasting durability that the agriculture industry has relied on for years with the added convenience of insulated panels suited for commercial and residential applications.

Insulated Roof Panels

For an economical way to add sustainability to your building, consider insulated metal roofing panels from Metal Sales. With a simple, one-piece design, your team will spend less time and money building and see significant cost savings from added layers of insulation on utility bills.

In addition to the typical low-maintenance and long-lasting durability of metal panels, our insulated roof panels are a cost-effective way to create more comfortable interior spaces for buildings of all types ranging from warehouses to condos.

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