Advantages of a metal building

The advantages of a metal building has many benefits including cost-efficiency, durability, design flexibility, quick assembly, and low maintenance. Almost anyone can benefit from owning a steel building.


One of the biggest advantages of a metal building is the cost. The time and effort required to put together blueprints and to assemble the building play a big determination in cost.


A metal building can withstand snowfall, high winds, heavy rains, termites, lightning and even fire because they are non-combustible. They can even withstand tornados and earthquakes.

Design Flexibility & Versatility

A steel building has no maximum size and can accommodate anything from a manufacturing plant, warehouse, office, or retail space. It can be easily recycled, which makes it ideal for storage structures.


Metal Building
Lower Insurance Costs

Since steel structures are durable and withstand the natural disasters, most insurance companies will offer discounts for buildings frames with commercial grade steel.

Easy & Quick Assembly

A cold-formed steel building is any building constructed with cold-formed steel and CEE sections that are bolted or screwed together to form clear span frames, columns and rafters. No welding.

Low Maintenance

Termites and mold can be an expensive repair down the road. Americans spend an average $5 billion annually for termite control and repairing termite damage.  With metal, you don’t have to worry about termites because they are resistant and there is no need to treat with chemicals on a normal basis to protect your building.

Removing stubborn mold is an expensive building repair.  Steel framing does not rot, warp, split, twist, or creep like wood framing does over the years.

Energy Efficiency

Steel buildings allow for much better insulation than traditional buildings. This enhanced energy efficiency can significantly reduce heating and cooling bills. Steel buildings can be insulated with a spray insulation that is very energy efficient and the insulation can also seal up leaks or spaces, keeping the needs for cooling and heating to a minimum.

Advantages of a Cold-Formed Steel Building:

– Bolt-up, pre-punched G90 galvanized building frame; no welding required

– Spans 60′ clear or 120′ posted by any length

– Metal Sales supplies purlins and girts, rafters, columns, brackets, bolts and fasteners

– Recommended suppliers for insulation, entry doors and overhead doors

– Wide range of roof and wall panels in 29 ga and 26 ga

– Roof slopes: 2.55:12 and 4.85:12

– 45 year paint warranty

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