metal market UPDATES: release 1

User management

Ability for Admin/Super User to add new users to their Metal Market account.

Disable employee accounts

Ability for Admin/Super User to remove Metal Market access for employees who have left company or no longer need access.

Request access to site

Ability to request a Metal Market account. Metal Sales must verify request.

Design custom trim

Draw your custom trim and get instant pricing; enter gauge, color, length, then adjust hems, assign paint side, adjust angles, change dimensions

Design custom trim from template

Start with trim template and edit a few attributes to create a custom trim.

Default ship-to

Ability to use a default ship-to for orders or choose from other ship-to addresses (if any) saved in NetSuite

Manage list of ship-to addresses

Ability to add to and save a list of ship-to addresses for your account and choose from this list when placing orders

View order weight

For each order, view your Order Weight to help you plan.

Submit feedback/suggestions

Ability to send feedback and/or suggestions about Metal Market