metal market UPDATES: release 2

Export orders to Excel

Export your orders to Excel. Export order summary and/or order details. Export each order individually.

Manage a list of “my customers”

As a user, manage a list of “MyCustomers” and set a default markup, manage addresses, contact numbers, notes, notifications, etc. for each

Color swatching

Ability to choose color of item from product detail page. (Ex: Ability to choose a panel, open product detail page, then see all available color swatches and choose one from this detail page.)

Custom Trim Templates

Ability for Metal Sales to create “public”/commonly used custom trim templates and share them with customers.

Add your own logo to quotes

Ability to add customer logo to a quote.

Copy/Duplicate quote

Ability to click “Duplicate Quote” button and create a copy of your quote.

Quote History Filters (D)

Filter the Quote History table by date, quote name, customer name.

Save quote as Favorite

Ability to save “Favorite” quotes

Adjust margins on quotes

Ability to add a profit margin to quotes.

Store markup at a customer level

Ability to store markup at the customer/account level so that it can be inherited on orders and quotes. The markup can then be adjusted on orders and quotes.


Ability to apply promotions when ordering products.