metal market UPDATES: release 4.7

Cart / Checkout Updates
Mass Cart Edit Function

– Laying Foundational Pieces To Allow Mass Cart Changes In The Future Such As Changing Color Or Gauge In the Click Of A Button
  * Ability To Make Mass Changes Is Coming Soon!

Remove Duplicate Checkout Buttons

– Buttons Appeared Twice On Checkout, Removed One Set

Ability To Apply Metal Market Discounts On Quotes

– Checkout Will Prompt To Add Coupon Code If Customer Has One
– If Coupon Code Has Expired It Will Be Removed When Updating Quote Or Turning Quote Into An Order
  * Note: You Still Have The Ability To Add A New One Upon Saving Quote Or When Submitting As An Order

Order Weights

– Updated Fonts and Sizing For Consistency

Manage My Account Updates
Fixed ‘Update Your Password’ Link Not Working

– Page now loads to reset password when selected

Fixed Custom Trim Template Access – Templates Not Loading Under Manage My Account

– Page now displays all templates associated with the account under the Manage My Account section

Leading Zero Custom Trim Issue

– If a leg is less than 1”, system no longer throws an error if a “0” isn’t present at the beginning

Pricing Issue – Fixed Rounding If More Than 3 Places After Decimal

– Previously if pricing had three places after the decimal it would round to two in the Unit Price. It no longer rounds and will display actual price.
  * Example: if price was $3.189 it would display $3.02. It will now display $3.189 instead.