metal market UPDATES: release 4

Feedback Prompts

Once Checkout is complete, shoppers will be prompted to provide feedback on the web store.

Job Site form at Checkout

When user chooses to add a new address during checkout, display a pop-up/modal with the Job Site form. Job Site form will be submitted with the order.


Speed up Quote to Order submission, Login page, My Account pages

User-facing Reporting and Metrics (Part 1)

View a bar chart of your company’s sales activity. See total order $ by month or total weight by month. Filter to see only Metal Market orders, only non-MM orders, or all orders.

Rotate Custom Trim Drawing Box

Rotate the drawing area by 90 degrees to view your trim from the correct perspective.

Show Cut List on Cart Page

After placing items in your cart, you can see the cut list on the cart page. This is a quick way to confirm your cut list is correct without having to go back into the Verenia configurator.

Add Lengths to Legs on Drawing

Add lengths to each leg on the Custom Trim drawing.

Build in Auto-Fit action on Custom Trim configurator

Each time a new leg is added, force the drawing to auto-fit into the drawing square

Change PDF Export option titles and descriptions

When you export a quote from Metal Market, you have 3 options for which PDF you’d like to export. 

Break Checkout page into tabs

Split the long checkout page into 4 tabs/pages – Billing, Shipping, Order Details, Review Order.

400 Error Page Design Changes

Change 400 error page to include user-friendly info in case of Outage

Manage markup % by category

Ability to enter markup by category – Panel, Trim, Accessory, etc.