Some homeowners are dissuaded from metal roofs because of the misconceptions surrounding metal roof panels. There are plenty of metal roof myths that we hear on a daily basis.

Asphalt shingles may be the most popular residential roofing material, but they aren’t your only option. Metal roofs are gaining in popularity more than ever now due to their durability and energy efficiency. 

Metal roofs are noisy

The noise generated by a metal roof that is properly installed over a roof deck and insulation is no greater than that of a shingle system.

There are ways to add padding material between the metal and the plywood decking so it’s very quite.

Metal roofs are more likely to be struck by lightning

With proper installation, the probabilities of a strike to a metal roofed structure are no more than any other kind of structure.

These probabilities have to do with height and size of the structure and  surroundings, rather than its construction materials.

Metal is a non-combustible material, it will reduce your risk that that lightning strike will cause a fire, resulting in further damage to your home.


Metal roofs are too heavy

Steel roofing can weigh half as much as shingles (shingles average 2 to 2.5 lbs. per square foot). They are 1/10 the weight of clay (clay tile weighs 10 lbs. or more per square foot).

Metal roofs are only for barns
Metal roofs actually provide a sleek, sharp appearance to a home, which many people find to be very attractive.

One of the most appealing things in the world to a future homebuyer is going to be the fact that they won’t have to re-roof the house anytime soon.

Since metal roofing comes in multiple different textures and styles, you can almost always find an option that looks amazing and fits perfectly with the other architectural elements on your home.

What is beautiful and attractive versus what is ugly and unappealing will always be a matter of opinion. It’s ok if some people simply don’t prefer the look of a metal roof.

Metal roofs are hotter in the summer
Modern metal roofs possess two properties that make them extremely energy efficient, making them great at helping to keep your home cooler in the summer.

First, they have high reflectivity. Light hits them and it reflects right back off toward the sky. 

Second, they have high emissivity. This means that they deflect the heat energy that strikes them almost instantaneously. It deflects rather than absorbing it and releasing that energy over time.

Metal roofs will rust
We’ve all seen a disgusting metal roof that had unsightly rust streaks all up and down it, and we don’t blame you if you don’t want that on your house.

Technology has come a long way. While metal roofs, that used to literally just be sheets of solid metal, did rust, this is no longer the case. 
With high-tech coatings on the metal, your roof will resist rust.

Metal roofs are easily dented
Metal roofs are designed to be incredibly durable so they can stand up to years of abuse from the elements.

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