Metal Wall Panels

Metal wall panels take the visual appearance of traditional paint to a new level by offering a unique look that is both cost-efficient and eco-friendly. With various substrate materials available, Metal Sales is your go-to metal wall panel manufacturer. We can help you create a unique, visually-appealing look for your next building project.

Metal Wall Panels

Metal Sales is the premium metal wall panel manufacturer. Metal panels create a unique look and provide a multitude of benefits.

Many of the metal building wall panels come in a variety of colors that can coordinate with any buildings' décor to create continuity. Producing a diverse structure, Metal Sales has panels that are durable, environmentally friendly, and cost-efficient.

Safety is also a defining factor when it comes to metal wall panels. Similar to roof panels, they act as a fire barrier if some part of the building or the surrounding area were to catch fire. Additionally, they can prevent water build-up from creating mold or decay problems that could destroy the building's structural integrity.

On top of aesthetic appeal and safety ratings, metal wall panels are also revered for their sustainability in the building industry. Not only can they help with reducing the consumption of energy within the building, but they can also be recycled. Recyclable metals can then be restructured into other metal wall panels with the same structural integrity.

Because of this integrity, metal wall panels are frequently used throughout local communities. Buildings commonly made with these panels include banks, hospitals, industrial plants, offices, retail stores, warehouses, homes, condos, hotels, restaurants, manufacturing facilities, recreational facilities, and schools.

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Exposed Fastened

Exposed fastener wall panels are an economical option that typically has a wider coverage per panel. The width of these panels varies from 18” to 44” wide, meaning a faster installation and a more uniform-looking wall. These panels are great for covering a large area and can be highly customized with different profiles.

Concealed Fastened

Concealed fastener panels are a higher-end product that is secured with hidden fasteners. These hidden fasteners eliminate maintenance that is required with the exposed fastener panels. The width of concealed fastener panels is typically much less than exposed fastener panels, ranging from 12 to 18” typically for the single skin panels.

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