Place your orders anywhere and anytime with ease using Metal Market, our new online ordering system.

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how it works

Online ordering: Metal Market allows you to place an order or get a quote at your own convenience. We know business doesn’t always stop at 5:00pm, so that is why we setup Metal Market to allow you to create orders 24/7.

Improved visibility to your orders: No more calling and wondering when your order will be delivered. With Metal Market, simply login to your account and track your orders.

Create quotes with markups: When creating a quote, it’s a very simple process for you to use margin and markup of quotes on your invoices.

No more waiting for pricing: Our pricing is up-to-date through Metal Market and you can easily view pricing on all of your favorite metal panels and trim.


How to place a new order

How to create a new quote

How to add custom trim

How to view my account


New features include cart and checkout updates, custom trim template access, discounts on quotes, pricing issues, mass cart edit function, and much more!

New features include one user login for multiple locations, ability to print job site form and bug fixes to custom trim, quotes for markup calculation and much more!

New features include user-face reporting and metrics, custom trim box drawings, feedback prompts, auto fit actions on custom trims, and much more!

New features include sharing quotes and orders, making mass changes, managing markup percentage by category, ability to hide pricing, and much more!

New features include exporting orders to excel, managing list of your customers, custom trim templates, adding logo to quotes, and much more!

New features include designing custom trim, having a default ship-to, view order weight, submit feedback and suggestions.



You can reset your password using the “Forgot Password” link on the Sign In page.

You can request an account using the link on the login page. You may also be invited by a Metal Sales sales rep.

Not all products are available on our site yet. If you need to order something that’s not on the site we can take your order over the phone or email.

Our woodscrews come in a bag of 250 and must be purchased that way.

Go to the Home Page and click “View My Account”. Under Orders (on the left), you’ll find Order History.

Go to the Home Page and click “View My Account”. Under Quotes (on the left), you’ll find Quote History.

Use the Online Order Quick Guide.

Go to the Home Page and click “View My Account”. Under Settings, click Preferences. From here you may change the default view of the product listing.

You may export all quotes or orders or one at a time. Go to Order History or Quote History and click Download CSV. To download one quote or order at a time, go into that quote or order from the History page and click Export to CSV.

Please call your local branch to see if you can cancel your order.

Right now we are only accepting orders that will be paid by invoice.

On the Checkout page, click the plus sign + to add a new address. When you get to the bottom of the page, upload the form needed for a new job site. If you don’t have the form, a CSR may reach out before approving your order.

For optimal performance, please use Google Chrome.