What really sets Metal Sales apart? The short answer is more. More products. More locations. More convenience.

More Products

Unlike other metal roof and wall manufacturers that produce products for just a single market sector, Metal Sales serves the entirety of the building market. These sectors include:

Metal Sales aims to deliver the absolute highest quality and best value in metal roof and wall systems for architect-designed buildings including: schools, hospitals, apartment complexes, hotels, government buildings, offices, civic centers, stadiums, arenas, museums, churches, retail stores, shopping complexes, transit facilities, warehouses and more.

Metal Sales manufactures and delivers products to help build faster, better and more economical agricultural buildings, including: barns, stables, agricultural production facilities, storage facilities and other light commercial structures.

Metal Sales offers the widest range of metal roofing products with the goal of replacing unsustainable and short-lived asphalt shingles as America’s#1 favorite roofing material for: new construction or re-roofs for a variety of home designs and price points. 


Metal Sales manufactures the widest array of products, systems, accessories and services tailored specifically to meet the unique needs and requirements of each market sector in the building industry. It’s not uncommon for innovations developed for one market sector to find useful applications in others. Metal Sales is uniquely poised to identify these synergies and leverage new product innovations where they are most needed.

More Locations

Metal Sales operates 21 manufacturing facilities nationwide in 17 states, including Alaska – the most locations of any metal wall and roof manufacturer in the U.S. Plus, each facility is equipped with energy-efficient Metal Sales delivery trucks. What benefits does Metal Sales’ robust infrastructure provide?

1. Availability of In-Demand Products

Our manufacturing facilities produce the metal wall and roof systems that are demanded most in their area. Each facility even has its own custom color palette to best serve their area’s local color trends and tastes.

2. Faster, More Reliable and Efficient Service

Metal Sales relies on an extensive network of distributors. These reputable national, regional and local building supply centers and lumberyards sell our agricultural and residential products. Our extensive manufacturing footprint ensures that we keep shelves stocked and that we deliver products their customers have purchased in a timely and proficient manner.

For commercial construction, our national footprint can translate to more responsive customer service, shorter distances for product transport and its associated environmental impact.

3. More Boots on the Ground Where You're Building

It’s about being there. Metal Sales manufacturing facilities employ technicians specially trained to provide expert in-person technical guidance. Metal Sales technical personnel are close to your job site to quickly and easily answer questions and to ensure that your metal roofs and walls are installed to last.

Our project managers work closely with architects to help recommend products and systems, provide CAD details and three-part specs and offer their expert guidance.


More Convenience

Metal Sales endeavors to make your experience as easy and convenient as possible. This means providing building decision makers with the information, tools and experts that can help them best accomplish their given task. Everything we do at Metal Sales aims to help you do your job better – from our website, which includes a color visualizer tool and easy access to CAD and BIM models, to our on-the-ground delivery trucks, nearby project managers and technical experts. We’re always looking for new ways to make things more efficient, and we welcome your feedback on how we can help.