Metal Sales Resource Center

Our solutions are for architects and builders who will not settle for anything less than the finest building materials and craftsmanship for metal roofing, siding, wall panels, trim, and accessories. For any project, Metal Sales provides metal building solutions that are as aesthetically-pleasing as they are innovative.

Our superior service model is the Metal Sales difference. The service model starts with a highly collaborative design focus and commitment to excellence. Towards that end, Metal Sales has pulled together some of our most useful tools and documents. This allows you to easily incorporate the finest metal roofing, siding, and building products available, into your own world-class designs.

Color Visualizer

The Metal Sales Color Visualizer tool lets you instantly see a variety of roofing profiles and colors 'virtually installed' on a variety of building styles. Mix and match, get inspired, and find the panels and colors that suit your project.

Colors & Finishes

This resource contains everything you ever wanted to know about Metal Sales Colors & Finishes. Color charts, paint specifications, performance and protection data, and warranties are all available for download here.

Condensed Technical Reference Sheets (CTRs)

The Technical Reference library contains an exhaustive list of Condensed Technical Reference Sheets for each Metal Sales panel profile. Organized alphabetically, the list is a quick and easy resource for the nuts and bolts information you need.

CAD & BIM Drawings

Metal Sales offers BIM models for both its metal roof and metal wall systems. Those models are available to download here, along with an expansive collection of CAD drawings (.dwg files) for those designing in AutoCAD 2000 or newer.

3-Part Guide Specs

Let Metal Sales help you simplify your preparation of specification documents. Find the product you’re working with on this page, and download its respective 3-Part Guide Spec. Easy as 1-2-3!

Specification Data Sheets

Visit this page to download a summary of the performance and technical characteristics of any Metal Sales product. These PDF files contain all of the essential data to help you choose, or help you use our products.

Testing & Approvals

View a chart that summarizes the results of Metal Sales' rigorous product testing. Learn more about our achievements in performance and quality control, as well as compliance with various building codes and climate zones.

Product Manuals

Gather every detail on every Metal Sales product. On the Product Manuals page, you can download comprehensive documents that explain profiles, accessories, testing information, design and installation considerations, and detail conditions.

Installation Guides

If it's time for you to install a Metal Sales wall, roof or soffit product, consult the documents contained on this page. A full list of guidelines written simply and clearly to ensure installation success.


The Literature page lets you peruse Metal Sales brochures and marketing materials. You'll get a good overview of our products, our systems, our brand, and what we believe in. Hope you don't mind us bragging a little...

Continuing Education

Metal Sales is an AIA/CES registered provider in the American Institute of Architects Continuing Education System. But beyond the fine print, this part of our business is very important to us…and we know continuing education is very important to the architects we work with. Visit the Continuing Education page to download a summary of one (or all!) of our sponsored courses.

Glossary of Terms

Learn our language. This page acts as a 'lexicon' of sorts for Metal Sales. Browse (or even memorize if you want!) common metal building terminology, normally associated with fabrication and construction of metal building projects. We promise there won't be a test.