Specify Metal Sales products with confidence. When installed per manufacturer's instructions, they meet compliance criteria for International Building Code, including specific requirements for high velocity hurricane zones in the Florida Building Code and for Miami-Dade County.

Florida 2017

Panel System Support Approval Fastener Guide
Exposure C
Fastener Guide
Exposure D
16" Magna-Loc, 0.032" 22 ga Deck FL10999.2 FG 10999.2C FG 10999.2D
16" Magna-Loc, 24 ga 16 ga Purlins FL10999.5 FG 10999.5C FG 10999.5D
16" Magna-Loc, 24 ga 19/32" Plywood FL11560.6 FG 11560.6C FG 11560.6D
16" Magna-Loc, 24 ga 22 ga Deck FL11560.7 FG 11560.7C FG 11560.7D
16" Magna-Loc180, 24 ga 16 ga Purlins FL10999.6 FG 10999.6C FG 10999.6D
16" Vertical Seam, 0.032" 7/16" OSB FL14645.6 FG 14645.6C FG 14645.6D
16" Vertical Seam, 0.032" 19/32" Plywood FL14645.7 FG 14645.7C FG 14645.7D
16" Vertical Seam, 24 ga 15/32" Plywood FL11560.10 FG 11560.10C FG 11560.10D
16" Vertical Seam, 26 ga 15/32" Plywood FL11560.12 FG 11560.12C FG 11560.12D
18" Vertical Seam, 24 ga  15/32" Plywood FL11560.11 FG 11560.11C FG 11560.11D
2.5" Corrugated, 26 ga 19/32" Plywood FL14645.1 FG 14645.1C FG 14645.1D
5V-Crimp, 0.032" 7/16" OSB FL11560.1 FG 11560.1C FG 11560.1D
5V-Crimp, 26 ga 19/32" Plywood FL14645.2 FG 14645.2C FG 14645.2D
5V-Crimp, 26 ga 19/32" Plywood FL14645.3 FG 14645.3C FG 14645.3D
5V-Crimp, 26 ga 7/16" OSB FL14645.4 FG 14645.4C FG 14645.4D
7/8" Corrugated, 24 ga 16 ga Girts FL9482.1 FG 9482.1C FG 9482.1D
7/8" Corrugated, 24 ga 16 ga Purlins FL10999.1 FG 10999.1C FG 10999.1D
Classic Rib, 0.032" 7/16" OSB FL14645.5 FG 14645.5C FG 14645.5D
Classic Rib, 26 ga 16 ga Girts FL9482.2 FG 9482.2C FG 9482.2D
Classic Rib, 26 ga 16 ga Purlins FL10999.3 FG 10999.3C FG 10999.3D
Classic Rib, 26 ga 19/32" Plywood FL14645.9 FG 14645.9C FG 14645.9D
Classic Rib, 29 ga 2x Wood Girts FL9482.3 FG 9482.3C FG 9482.3D
Classic Rib, 29 ga 2x Purlins FL10999.4 FG 10999.4C FG 10999.4D
Classic Rib, 29 ga 7/16" OSB FL14645.10 FG 14645.10C FG 14645.10D
Classic Rib, 29 ga 15/32" Plywood FL14645.8 FG 14645.8C FG 14645.8D
Image II, 0.032" 7/16" OSB FL11560.2 FG 11560.2C FG 11560.2D
Image II, 0.032" 19/32" Plywood FL11560.3 FG 11560.3C FG 11560.3D
Image II, 26 ga 15/32" Plywood FL11560.4 FG 11560.4C FG 11560.4D
Image II, 26 ga 19/32" Plywood FL11560.5 FG 11560.5C FG 11560.5D
Image II, 26 ga 7/16" OSB FL14645.12 FG 14645.12C FG 14645.12D
ms-HT (Underlayment)   FL14392.1    
PBR-Panel, 26 ga 16 ga Purlins FL10999.7 FG 10999.7C FG 10999.7D
Pro-Panel II, 29 ga 15/32" Plywood FL14645.14 FG 14645.14C FG 14645.14D
R-Panel, 26 ga 16 ga Girts FL9482.4 FG 9482.4C FG 9482.4D
R-Panel, 26 ga 15/32" Plywood FL14645.13 FG 14645.13C FG 14645.13D
Seam-Loc 24, 24 ga 16 ga Purlins FL10999.8 FG 10999.8C FG 10999.8D
Seam-Loc 24, 24 ga 16 ga Purlins FL10999.8/9 FG 10999.8/9C FG 10999.8/9D
Seam-Loc 24, 24 ga 16 ga Purlins FL10999.9 FG 10999.9C FG 10999.9D
Soffit Panel, 24 ga 16 ga Girts FL9482.5 FG 9482.5C FG 9482.5D
Span-Line 36A, 26 ga 16 ga Girts FL9482.6 FG 9482.6C FG 9482.6D
Classic Rib, 29 ga 15/32" Plywood FL14645.11 FG14645.11C FG14645.11D

Metal Sales roof and wall systems undergo rigorous testing to ensure our products meet or exceed the latest industry standards for performance and quality control in manufacturing for a consistently uniform and reliable product or service. This chart summarizes performance-oriented tests used to demonstrate the achievements of our panel systems.