How to prepare a metal building site

Regardless of whether you want to use your new metal building as a workshop, garage, carport, barn, or other structure, you will need to follow these steps to prepare your next metal building site.  

A well-planned and executed groundwork is crucial for a successful foundation for your metal building.  In fact, the building’s structural integrity literally rests on a strong, firm foundation bed.

The first thing you need to do is receive a permit for your building that complies with federal, state and local building codes. If you fail to receive a permit, it could leave to citations and even possibly having to tear your building down.

Site selection

Your site selection plays an important role in choosing the best location for your new building. You will need to think about:

Drainage: How will the water drain away from the building? Will the draining interfere with other buildings nearby?

Weather: How will the weather affect the structure of your building?

Utilities: Make sure to call before you start digging. You need to make sure the proposed site does not interfere with any gas, electrical or water lines.

Follow these steps to prepare your next metal building site

Access: You need to make sure there is enough room for the metal building delivery truck to access your location.

After you have determined the best building location for your new structure, send in a surveyor to measure and mark the foundation parameters.


Depending on the type of soil on your property, your concrete subcontractor may recommend or even require that your soil be amended to accommodate site drainage and to provide adequate stability for your foundation.

Soft soil or soil that does not drain properly can create issues later on. Many times foundation problems result from poor soil and site preparation. 

Next, you will need to determine what type of foundation you will be laying. The two options are ground mount or concrete slab. Ground mount foundations will require you to dig post holes that are at least 10-inches wide and 30-inches deep, every four to five feet along the perimeter, depending on your building plans.

A concrete slab should be poured to the exact width of your building and 2-inches longer than the building’s length. You will also include four perimeter footings that are 12-inches wide and 12-inches deep.

Properly preparing the sites for custom metal buildings is crucial to a smooth installation.

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