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We offer a complete line of matching color-coated Aluminum, Galvanized, and Galvalume trims and accessories ideal for putting the finishing touches on any Metal Sales project. Contact our Accessory Division at 800.640.0976

Accessories & Trim


Weathertight and beautifully durable, Metal Sales flashings are available in many assorted colors and profiles. Our pre-bent, pre-cut and custom flashings save time and offer a clean, finished aesthetic to securely keep the elements out for optimal building protection.

Step Flashing

Metal Sales offers step flashing in both steel and aluminum, in a variety of colors and finishes to complement any installation. Step flashing provides a barrier against water intrusion, ensuring that your building’s interior will remain dry, no matter the weather.

Bent Step Flashing

Metal Sales pre-bent flashing saves contractors the trouble associated with forming the 90-degree angle for step flashing by hand. Available in assorted materials, colors, and finishes, Metal Sales bent step flashing simplifies weatherproofing.

Apron Flashing

Metal Sales apron flashing diverts water from a vertical surface – such as a chimney or dormer – into a cutter.

Zee Flashings

Metal Sales Zee Flashings, used along a horizontal edge between vertical exterior wall panels, directs water from the joint to the outside of the wall, ensuring your building remains structurally sound and weathertight. We can provide Zee Flashings in custom angles and sizes, and in a variety of colors and finishes.

W-Valley Flashing

W-Valley flashing is a beneficial component of many residential roof applications. The center crimp of a Metal Sales valley flashing helps relieve stress so that the metal does not buckle or crack, providing long-lasting strength at a critical point while effectively channeling rainwater. Hems and beads can also be added to increase strength and safety while handling the W-Valley prior to and during application.

Roof Edge Flashing

Metal Sales roof edge flashing helps channel water away from the roof edge, offering protection from leaking and pooling. When water is present from rain, snow or ice, roof edge ensures that water does not penetrate rafter rails, insulation, fascia or soffits. Available in steel or aluminum in a variety of colors and styles, Metal Sales has the appropriate roof edge for any application.

  • Style D With Hems
  • Style H with Hems
  • Style H With Hems
  • Style A With Hems
  • Style C With Hems
  • Gravel Stop
  • Style Angle Flash

Roll Valley

Roll Valley can be used in roof valleys or bent as flashing to seal around chimneys. Sidewall and Endwall flashings, as well as Fascia trim, can also be formed using roll valley coil. Metal Sales roll valley is available in aluminum (economy, standard and commercial grades), steel and two-side stock painted aluminum trim coil.

Custom Flashings

Our press department allows us the opportunity to produce certain trims that may not be “mass production” capable. With a 20-foot folder, two separate presses and a variety of dies, our wide array of colors and materials can be transformed into custom trims for just about any job.

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