Rainwater harvesting, or rainwater collection, is the process of collecting the run-off water from a structure to store it for later use. For the majority of rainwater collection, a roof acts as the primary catchment area. Typically, rainwater will collect in the gutters, move into the downspouts, and finally collect in a storage container.

Water is a critical natural resource and is essential for human survival. Efficient use of water is a core part of every sustainability program and rainwater runoff from a metal roof may be a convenient source of water.

Because it is possible for chemicals to be present in rainwater as it falls (acid rain), for chemicals to leach out of metal roof panels and for impurities to be washed off metal roof panels (dirt and debris), untreated, harvested rainwater is non-potable.

Use of non-potable water is appropriate for watering non-edible plants, sewer use and certain industrial uses. Non-potable water is not appropriate for human consumption, animal consumption or watering edible plants.

If the intended use of harvested rainwater is human consumption, animal consumption or watering edible plants, then the water must be properly treated, such as filtered, before use. Periodic testing is recommended for rainwater harvesting systems to ensure the treatment is effective.


Water analysis and water treatment design are not services offered by Metal Sales.

The collection of water for drinking purposes is regulated by the EPA under the ‘Safe Drinking Water Act’. The EPA’s authority is ceded to the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), a nongovernmental advisory organization (Phone: 800.673.6275, email: info@nsf.org, website: www.nsf.org).

Assistance may also be available from the Safe Drinking Water Hot Line: 800.426.4791.

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