When it comes to metal roofing, color and finish are about more than just looks. Metal Sales offers a wide variety of color choices with our high performance PVDF and MS Colorfast 45® coating systems. These systems feature multi-layer protection and are warranted for long-lasting durability and chalk and fade resistance. Below is our guide to help you learn about the protection provided and the benefits of each option.

Meet or Exceed Codes and Standards
Incorporating advancements in coating technology, the energy performance characteristics of Metal Sales finishes and colors meet demonstrated requirements established by:

Benefits of Cool Colors
Choose from a palette of light neutrals to dark saturated colors to achieve your vision while helping the environment. Cool roofs also contribute to optimizing energy performance. Energy savings and other direct benefits are contingent upon building type, location, and use.

Product Benefits

Color Guides

24 Gauge (Nationwide)/Color Guide

26 Gauge (Eastern)/Color Guide

26 Gauge (Western)/Color Guide

Finish Warranties

25 Year Galvalume® AZ55/Warranty

Coil Only 25 Year Galvalume® AZ55/Warranty

Coil Only ColorFit40™/Warranty

Coil Only MS Colorfast45®/Warranty

Coil Only PVDF Fluorocarbon/Warranty

MS Colorfast45® System/Warranty

MS Strongcoat45 System/Warranty

PVDF Flurocarbon System/Warranty

Rustic Steel Finish Warranty/Warranty

VersaRib System Warranty (Spokane Branch)/Warranty

VersaRib System/Warranty

Color Specs & Literature

MS Colorfast45® Coating Flyer/CoatingsInfo

MS Colorfast45® Paint Specifications/CoatingsInfo

PVDF Paint Brochure/CoatingsInfo

PVDF Paint Specifications/CoatingsInfo

VersaRib Paint Specifications/CoatingsInfo