Beautifully Healthier for Homes and the Environment

The growth of metal roofing in the U.S. is directly attributable to the rise of the sustainable design movement. Architects and homeowners have discovered the many environmentally beneficial advantages that metal roofing has over other roofing materials – especially asphalt shingles. Environmental efficiency often goes hand-in-hand with financial efficiency.

Here’s why metal roofing is sustainable:

ENERGY STAR® Tax Credit Certificates

ENERGY STAR Certificate for MS Colorfast45

ENERGY STAR Certificate for ColorFit40

ENERGY STAR Certificate for PVDF

Long Life Cycle

A metal roof lasts up to and beyond 50 years, or two to three times longer than the average asphalt roof.


Metal Sales steel contains a minimum of 30% recycled material and is 100% recyclable at the end of its service life. 

Energy Savings

Metal Sales products reduce solar heat gain, lowering energy costs. Our systems enable energy conservation and on-site energy production in alignment with Net-Zero practices. They can contribute credits toward LEED® building certification.

High-Performance Roofing

Metal Sales roof and wall systems contribute as the outermost component to a tight building envelope for less air loss and better thermal performance. Additionally, they have material attributes which contribute to a healthful environment and foster energy efficiency.

Integration with Renewable Energy

Metal roofing panels easily integrate with new technologies, such as photovoltaic, micro wind turbines and solar hot water heating. 

Potable Rainwater Harvesting

Metal (specifically Galvalume) is a preferred roof material to produce the highest harvested rainwater quality for indoor domestic use.