Why Homeowners Choose Metal Sales Residential Metal Roofing

Today’s discerning homeowner demands higher quality, longer lasting, and environmentally-sound products. This is why homeowners select not just a metal roof, but a Metal Sales roof. As the nation’s leading residential metal roofing manufacturer, Metal Sales provides the best products in this discerning field. Here’s how:

Best Quality

Metal Sales roofs feature the safest and highest-quality protective coating systems to ensure that your roof remains pristine, holds its color, and is free of corrosion for generations to come. Beware of cheap imported steel, as it generally uses inferior coatings that do not last and may contain dangerous toxins, including lead.

Best Warranties

Compare Metal Sales warranty options to any other roofing manufacturer and you’ll discover true peace-of-mind. Metal Sales warranties are the best in the industry.

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Metal Sales Overview


Best Support

Metal roofs must be installed by experienced and skilled contractors to ensure trouble-free longevity. Metal Sales operates 21 locations nationwide to provide roofing contractors with hands-on training and support to ensure that your roof is installed expertly.

Best Value

Metal Sales offers homeowners the best overall value in metal roofing because of our purchasing power and commitment to using only the highest quality steel and coating systems.

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Cool Roofing Energy Savings

All Metal Sales color coatings – even the darkest – are ENERGY STAR® listed for their ability to remain cool. This results in up to 40% annual energy savings and may qualify a homeowner for utility rebates and tax credits.

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