Transform your old and failing roof into a new and sophisticated roof with the Retro-Master retrofit system. This affordable system will easily bring your flat or sloped metal roof code-compliant and energy-efficient. With limited maintenance requirements and an average life-span exceeding 45 years, your Retro-Master metal roofing system is a very economically-friendly decision for a property owner in need of a roof replacement.

New Sloped Roof

Upgrade your old or failing flat roof into a new metal roof

Instant Curb Appeal

New metal roof transforms the look of your building

Engineered System

Individually designed to work for your building

Easy Install

Posts, purlins, girts and angles screwed together

Retrofit Your Roof

Retro-Master provides everything you will need to retrofit your existing roof based on your needs, such as structural post-purlin framing, sub-framing, along with your new metal roof. If needed, steel posts or sub-purlins, will be installed first to form the structure for your new sloped metal roof. Metal Sales roof panels and accessories are then installed to complete the job. You are left with a new, high-quality Retro-Master roof.

Retro-Master retrofit roof system is backed by a 20-year weathertight warranty and an industry-leading 45-year finish warranty, making it a national leader in commercial metal roofing and wall systems. This makes Retro-Master ideal for all types of buildings such as schools, universities, retail centers, stores, industrial or office buildings, military buildings and more. Any building in need of a new, long-lasting and high-performance roof will greatly benefit from the Retro-Master retrofit roofing system.

If you’re ready to try Retro-Master retrofitting for your old roof, contact a Metal Sales representative today for more information.

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Old roofs are like old cars, there comes a point where it will cost more…

  • Beautify a building and increase its value
  • Enhance the thermal efficiency of a building by adding insulation
  • Meet or exceed new building codes for wind uplift and thermal performance
  • Lower energy costs by taking advantage of new cool roofing technology
  • Choose roofing materials and systems that last longer and require less maintenance
  • Affordably rehabilitate an existing structure rather than build new
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Metal is the fastest growing category of roofing in North America for a variety…

  • Lasts three times longer than built-up, membrane, shake or asphalt shingle roofs
  • Costs the least to maintain of any roofing materials
  • Can increase the appreciable value of a building
  • May qualify for reduced insurance premiums
  • Integrates most easily with renewable energy Systems – photovoltaic panels, micro wind turbines, solar heating systems (convective air and hot water)
  • Made from materials with up to 30% recycled content and are 100% recyclable
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Architects, contractors and owners prefer Retro-Master for their…

  • Network of certified installers
  • Industry-leading 45 year warranty on coating integrity
  • In-house design and engineering by Metal Sales technical team
  • 21 manufacturing facilities nationwide to ensure on-time delivery
  • Does not require the removal of existing roof
  • Minimal disruption to building operations
  • More metal roofing profile options to meet your design and budget criteria
  • All colors are ENERGY STAR® listed, cool roof compliant, and many are CRRC listed
  • best overall value
sloped metal roof installation


Most roofs shed water away from a building quickly, completely, and reliably every time. Flat roofs can’t do this and property owners often end up with costly maintenance because of it. Damage such as clogged drains, water ponding on the roof surface, and membranes cracking under UV radiation and seasonable freeze and thaws often occur when water cannot exit a roof properly. This calls for a permanent fix and Retro-Master offers the best solution.

With a Retro-Master retrofit, new steel framing is installed over the failing flat roof, then it is clad with long-lasting and energy-efficient metal roofing. Retro-Master is able to accommodate all types of structural framing on existent buildings, such as steel, concrete, and wood. Property owners can choose from a low-slope design to subtly upgrade the look their building or go with a steep slope option, to create a more dramatic makeover.

Post-Purlin over Metal Deck and Joists

metal roof installation graphic. Post-purlin over metal deck and joists
metal roof installation graphic. Post-purlin over concrete deck

Post-Purlin over Concrete Deck

metal roof installation graphic. Post-purlin over concrete deck

Post-Purlin over Wood Joists

metal roof installation graphic. post-purlin over wood joists.
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High Performance Roof Hugger Systems

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High Performance Retrofit Roof Systems

secondary framing guide


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