Retrofit a roof with metal

Retro-Master® offered by Metal Sales, is a complete retrofit roof system that easily and affordably transforms any old or failing roof into a new, sophisticated, code-compliant, and energy-efficient sloped metal roof.

With its projected average lifespan exceeding 45 years and limited maintenance requirements, a Retro-Master metal roof system is the most economically sensible decision for any building owner in need of a roof replacement solution.

Retrofit existing flat roof

Square wheels and flat roofs – you will not go far with either. For a roof to perform its best, it must shed water away from a building quickly and reliably every time. Flat roofs cannot do this. Without costly maintenance, drains clog, water ponds and membranes crack under UV radiation and the continual seasonal freeze and thaw.

To permanently fix a flat roof, Retro-Master is the best solution. With Retro-Master, new steel framing is installed over a failing flat roof and then clad with beautiful, long-lasting metal roofing. Plus, Retro-Master accommodates any structural framing type of an existing building – steel, concrete, and wood.

Choose a low-slope design to upgrade the look of your building or go with a steep slope for a more dramatic makeover.

Retrofit existing sloped roof

Have a low-sloped (<2:12) or steep-slope (>2:12) roof that needs to be revitalized and upgraded to meet codes with greater energy efficiency? The Retro-Master roof system provides your best and longest-term solution. Whether your existing roof is made from membrane, shingles, modified bitumen or metal.

For existing non-metal roofs, Retro-Master provides cold formed steel sub purlins, including a hat-channel purlin that meets current code requirements. This creates the structural base for installing the new high-performance metal roof.

For existing metal roofs, Retro-Master Metal-Over-Metal Re-Roof Solution provides sub purlins that are factory-notched to nest over the ribs of the existing metal roof panels. This method can increase the load carrying capacity of existing building purlins. It also accommodates the added weight of the new Retro-Master metal roof system.

Retro-Master from Metal Sales is the ideal solution for many projects. This includes schools, retail centers and stores, industrial or office buildings, military and other public facilities. Retro-Master is an excellent choice when wanting to retrofit any building in need of a new, long-lasting high-performance roof.

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