Metal Retrofit Roofing Systems

Metal Sales offers two different products for retrofit roofing systems. Retro-Master® and Roof Hugger® make any old or failing roof into a new code-compliant and energy-efficient sloped metal roof. Turn your flat roof into a sloped roof without major builds. Instead, utilize the new way to apply metal over metal roofing.

Metal Retrofit Roofing Solutions

Metal Sales has two options for your retrofit roof solutions. Roof retrofitting is the process of installing a new roof over an existing flat or sloped roofs. Choosing a retrofitting option may be a beneficial option over traditional roof replacement methods.

Retro-Master® is Metal Sales' complete retrofit roof system. It can easily and affordably transform any old or failing flat roof structure. This fully engineered system utilizes secondary framing members and new metal roof panels to create a new sloped roof giving your building instant curb appeal. In addition to adding code compliance and energy efficiency to an existing building, Retro-Master® creates a renewed look in the world of sloped metal roofs.

Retro-Master® roof retrofit systems' projected lifespan is expected to exceed 45 years, with a limited amount of maintenance required. The Retro-Master® is backed with a 20-year weathertight warranty and an industry-leading 45-year finish warranty. These qualities make Retro-Master® ideal for public facilities, including schools and office buildings.

Roof Hugger® allows Metal Sales to put a new metal roof over the existing, failing sloped metal roof. The system is designed to fit any existing metal panel, with the ability to be configured to add new insulation between the old and new roofs. The system adds strength, increased insulation, and is environmentally friendly.

With the Roof Hugger® system, the old roof stays in place and does not disrupt building operations. It is fully engineered to meet local building codes. Roof Hugger® is one way to strengthen your existing roof without the need for a full roof replacement.

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