For most self-storage facility owners, metal is the building material of choice as it provides many benefits including low maintenance, ease to build, durability and flexible design.


Evolving from the standard-looking, plain boxes, today’s storage facilities are taking on a more architectural look to better blend into the office complexes, residential communities and retail complexes surrounding them.

With a variety of high-performance coatings, colors, reveal joints and corrugated sheets with assorted patterns, IMPs offer a large selection of design options to architects looking to create these trendier designs.


A metal building can withstand snowfall, high winds, heavy rains, termites, lightning and even fire because they are non-combustible. They can even withstand tornados and earthquakes.


A steel roof can last 30 to 50 years, more than a decade longer than a traditional asphalt roof. If you install a steel roof with a white or light colored coating, it reflects heat from the sun and undergoes less stress with temperature changes during the day and in changing seasons.


Perhaps one of the most desirable features of metal self-storage buildings is their low-maintenance requirements. When built to code, and as per manufacturer’s recommendations for your location, your metal buildings will require very little maintenance throughout their lifetime.


The prefabricated design of metal buildings means that the components arrive pre-cut and ready to go. This saves time and money during the construction process. 

Self-storage facilities are built with steel because steel lasts and provides the best protection for the money. It is easily fabricated any way you want or need, and it can be constructed quickly, putting you in business and ready to make a profit in short order.


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