Pros and cons of snap lock standing seam

Choosing a standing seam metal roof will give you the sleek appearance, exceptional performance, and long lifespan that is everything you want in a roof. Your next decision is to determine if you want a snap lock or mechanically seamed panel.

Pros of snap lock:

Durability – A snap lock will last you anywhere from 40-60 years.

Weather-tightness – Snap Lock standing seam panels are attached with clips that attach to the panel. This eliminates any screws that could cause leaks down the road. A mechanically seamed roof would be a better option as they are secured together more tightly, especially when double locked.

Curb appeal – The panels consist of clean lines and hidden fasteners that give them a contemporary, sophisticated appearance.

Installation costs – The panels are easier to install because they snap together which will save money on installation.


Standing Seam
Cons of snap lock:

Upfront expense – While a snap lock is more cost effective than a mechanically seamed panel, the price will still be higher than traditional roofing systems. Standing seam metal roofing is on the higher end but if you can get past the initial upfront cost, you will enjoy your roof for your lifetime. The long term savings will be significant.

Low sloped roofs – If you have a flat or very low sloped roof, Snap Lock is not the right roofing choice for you. These types of panels cannot be used on a roof that is less than a 3:12 pitch. This is because the risk of leaking is amplified on lower sloped roofs. If you have a roof with a pitch that is 1:12 or greater, then a mechanically fastened standing seam is a better solution.

Snap Lock is typically best for cheaper installation costs, mild climates and high sloped roofs. 

Mechanically Seamed is typically best for a more secure fit, areas with extreme weather conditions and low sloped roofs.

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