When purchasing a metal roof, one question that you will have to decide is whether you should purchase a Weathertight Warranty (WTW) and are Weathertight Warranties worth the cost.

Today the metal roofing industry is faced with a growing demand for warranties that help it compete with other types of roofing.

Architects and owners are looking for assurances of quality products that are manufactured by companies which stand behind their products.

This comes down to your preference, but we would recommend a warranty on something of value like a metal roof.

In most situations with warranties, you must determine if the cost outweighs the possible outcome of something going wrong.

Weathertight warranties are important because they protect the roof system that you just put on. It gives you an added insurance value and gives you that piece of mind that the money that you spent is going to be well-protected in the roof system over time.

Before purchasing a WTW, here are a few common questions that we typically receive:

Weathertight warranty
Are all products covered in warranty?

Weathertightness warranties are available for only selected panel styles. Metal Sales can offer WTW on Magna-Loc, T-Armor, Seam-Loc 24®, Snap-Loc 24, Vertical Seam, Clip-Loc, certain applications of Image II and on select wall panel profiles.

How many weathertightness warranties are offered?

Metal Sales offers five types of warranties and each one has a different cost and guidelines associated with them. A more in-depth breakdown is available per request.

Are warranties available for residential homes?

No, the WTW will not cover residential homes. Residential buildings happen to get installed a lot quicker and we don’t have the time to properly inspect them. Commercial projects are usually a lot larger and you can do the inspections required to make sure that everything gets covered during the process of the warranty.

Who covers the warranty, the manufacturer or installer?

Both, the installer is responsible for repairs during the first 2 years after the installation of the panels. The manufacturer covers the remainder of the warranty.

What is the length of the warranties?

Metal Sales can offer a standard WTW for any number of years up to a maximum of 20 years (30 years in some cases with last 10 years prorated). As the warranty length increases, the cost of the warranty also increases.  

Here are a few things to also consider when purchasing a WTW:

  • Installer must be pre-approved and have liability insurance.
  • WTW inspections are required.
  • WTW Manager must approve all shop (erection) drawings prior to construction of roof. This includes shop drawings produced by installer and other companies. Copies must be maintained by the WTW department.
  • Proof of engineering compliance with design requirements per local building codes.
So, are weathertightness warranties worth the additional cost?

Just as if you were purchasing an extended warranty on an automobile or home appliance, it comes down to the personal preference of the owner.

If you would like to receive more information about weathertightness warranties and if you would be right in your situation, please reach out to one of 21 branch locations for more information.

* Metal Sales offers warranties based on our guidelines and our prior review of the project.

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