Corrugated Metal Panels

Corrugated panels have a classic look that has been around for decades. It’s extremely versatile, with a wide variety of uses around the house, inside and out.

Discover the endless design applications for corrugated metal panels

Decorative Metal Panels

2'-0" wide x 3'-0" long with a galvanized steel finish

These galvanized Corrugated panels are the perfect size for DIY projects around the house. Corrugated sheets are flexible and offer a beautiful aesthetic with durability and corrosion-resistant properties.

Some of the many ways to decorate with Corrugated Metal panels

1. Build a Raised Garden Bed

2. Chicken Coop roof

3. Wainscotting for Interior Walls

4. Bar accent panels

5. Dog House

6. Create an Accent Wall

7. A Headboard for your bed

8. Metal accents in the Kitchen

9. Build an Outdoor Shower

10. Make a Fence

11. Decorative Ceiling

12. Wall art

Longer length panels are available to order if needed.

Metal Sales offers 7/8”, 1.25”, and 2.5” corrugated panels that cover various widths per panel. The rib height of the corrugated panels is 7/8”, 1/4”, or 1/2” with each rib spacing varying based on the height.  The standard gauges available for these panels are 29, 26, and 24.

The corrugated panels from Metal Sales are made for performance on a large scale. They are made deeper and thicker for spanning longer distances and resisting greater loads. We offer these panels in steel, aluminum and weathering steel. Standard finishes available include Galvanized, Acrylic Coated Galvalume®, Colorfast45®, and PVDF (Kynar 500).

Due to the design of corrugated roof panels, if installed at a slope, water drains quickly and efficiently. They can last many decades with the proper care with little to no maintenance required.

1.25" Corrugated 3D

1.25" Corrugated

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Roof and Wall Panel

2.5" Corrugated

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Roof and Wall Panel

7/8" Corrugated

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Roof and Wall Panel

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